Saturday, August 28, 2010

Present and Future

The week is over... Overall it was a good week, academically, I finally stated to make a good advance on my thesis, taking two courses while working on it is, so far, a piece of cake... Yeah! I can hear the "Tell me that after four weeks!" screaming inside my head... But being overly optimistic is necessary in my case if I want to cope with all the things I might need to do during this semester...

I've been searching like crazy for prospective universities that might consider admiting me in their programs, and I'll keep doing that for the rest of the semester, I have to study for the GRE test, and in the worst case scenario I'll have to take the TOEFL again. Of course lack of money and time is the perfect seasoning for something that I refuse to call bad but that I'll certainly tag as problematic semester.

Certainly the road to PhD is not the easiest road for me... This is exemplified by the fact that when I uploaded my resume to a few job websites I started recieving job offers by e-mail since the first week, and even a phone call! Man... . I have to admit that getting a job (at least) seems easier than getting accepted in a PhD program, and that the word "research" scares me a little and fascinates me at the same time, but I've fallen in love with teaching, so this is the path I want to take, and I'll not give up until all the windows that I see in front of me are closed. But I really hope that by the end of the year (the academic one) at least one stays open.

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