Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wasted Time.

Spring break...

I wish I had made the most out of you, it the end I wasted my time dreaming and losing myself in the unreal. The worst is that despite this, I still can't feel the least remorse; I just have the longing and the empy sensation that I could have followed a different path... The only words that come to my mind is "Whatever comes..."

A part of me really doesn't care, I managed to rest, read some stuff I liked, and even did some exercise, but academically speaking I didn’t accomplish anything. If my duty is to study, then I didn’t manage to do anything. But a question comes from this. Why call it break if you don’t change the things you usually do?

Some people think that procrastination is the worst thing they could do, while in my case I cannot manage without procrastinating… Well, I better start thinking about the schedule for this coming week…

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